Hamburger & Shucky Ducky

Hamburger Shucky-Ducky @ the Comedy House

Alonzo “Hamburger” Jones has become a people’s favorite all over the world.  Comedian Hamburger is on a mission to let people know they are not living right.  In doing so, Hamburger tries not to use profanity, like gentlemen of the old west who does not swear in front of the ladies.  Instead, comedian Alonzo Jones has substituted profanity with one word…..HAMBURGER.

Shucky DuckyQUACK – QUACK!!!!!
Cecil “Shucky Ducky” Armstrong has appeared on “Def Comedy Jam”. He has also been the ringmaster of the UniverSoul Circus. He is known for the catchphrase “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack.”

He describes his catchphrase as meaning disappointment or excitement.

Now let me tell y’all what “shucky ducky” is. “Shucky ducky” is this phrase that I created means disappointment or excitement. For example, instead of cursing when you stomp your toe, you say “shucky ducky”. Now if you see a fine girl or a guy you like, you say “awwwwww, shuck-ay duck-ay!” Now if you get the girl pregnant, you say “Damn!”, ’cause you done shuck your ducky too long.