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Shuler King

Born Frank Williams III in Sumter SC, comedian Shuler King was raised in a household strongly based on religion, education and the funeral business. Shuler is the funniest Funeral Director you will ever meet!

Shuler King Comedian-Funeral Director

The influence of his parents as well as his harsh surroundings gave him his own perspective on his life, his country, and the troubles of his people. The style of the young comedian is RAW, plain and simple. “I give it to the audience the same way life gives it to me. I pull no punches on stage, that is what I am most comfortable with and the people love it.”

“People think comedy is about just being happy, comedy is more about pain than anything else. You can see 20,000 people in one place laugh at the same joke because they have the same pain.”

Shuler King aka Frank Williams III

Throughout his youth Shuler King was known as the one with all the jokes, despite all of his personal obstacles. Growing up, he and his siblings were exposed to domestic violence and drug abuse. By the time he was in middle school most on his friends sold drugs. At age 15 Shuler King had joined them. “I wanted to make my own money and feel like my own man, and at that time it felt ok.” As time went on he started to feel different about what he was doing, and slowly he departed from it.

Coming out of high school he never wanted to go to college, because he felt he wouldn’t get accepted anywhere. ” I was smart, but I never applied it in school. The curriculum was boring to me, because I felt that it was useless to everyday life.” Shuler attended Sumter High School were his mother, Mrs. Williams teaches English. His mother was the reason that he filled out a collage application at all. To the surprise of many he ended up attending and graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts in 2007. During his attendance he joined the Mighty Illustrious Zeta Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi in the Spring of 2007.

Regardless of any experiences that Shuler King has had or will have in his life, one thing that has always been concrete is his gift of comedy. On April 14, 2004, when he was just 19 years old he decided to take the stage at the NCO Club at Shaw Air Force Base. The Acts that night were Big Kenny, Barbra Carlyle and Sugar Bear. That night was proof that Shuler King could do just what he thought he could. Ever since then he has been stirring up a fuss at the comedy clubs around him. He has made appearances at the Comedy House Theater in Columbia, SC, The Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta, GA, Billy D’s in Columbia, SC, Fat Katts in Hinesville, GA, Club 118 in Sumter, SC, NCO Club in Sumter, SC, Omega Psi Phi Frat House Comedy Night in Charlotte NC, Club Rolex in Greenville, SC, The University of South Carolina in Columbia SC, and is now permanently booked for the Capital City Ques All Black and All White Affair at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC.

“When I’m on stage I feel more alive than at any other time. I belong on stage, and I belong in comedy. With every performance I feel the spirit of God working through me.”

Shuler King


SHANG, a transplanted New Yorker whose carefully nurtured evolution from stand-up comedy to socio-political satire gives heavy flight to the spoken and outspoken word.

The FAMECAST Comedy Winner, SHANG has been seen on CBS’S “The Late Late Show”,  Two BET’S “Comic View” Specials  STARZ “1ST Amendment” & “Stand Up”, Byron Allen’s syndicated “Comics Unleashed,” NBC’S “Heroes”, CBS’S “CSI” “ & “NCIS”, QUE’ LOCO, COMEDY CENTRAL and GOTHAM LIVE.


Recently Shang Forbes appeared on FUEL TV’s new show “Kamkazee Comedy.” Shang continues to rise to the top of the comedy ranks with high-profile acting & televised stand up & personal appearances.

Also his 1 HR SPECIAL on AMAZON, APPLE TV, ITUNES & TUBI “SHANG is SHANGRY Live in NYC Reached 1 Million Views

“This guy kills, leaving the audience rolling!”-DVD VERDICT
“Provocative, Edgy, Political and Extremely Funny”


Sherman Golden

Atlanta is a hot city. Inside the comedy club the temperature is getting HOTTER as the audience laughs louder and louder in response to Sherman on stage. Every time he opens his mouth, the crowd nervously giggles anticipating the next joke that will come out of his mouth. By the time his finished the crowd is shouting “SHERM” in appreciation.

SHERM happens to be the nickname of sherman golden. Who happens to be one of the most respected comedians out today. If you haven’t seen SHERMAN GOLDEN you haven’t experienced COLLEGE LIFE, MY WHITE FRIENDS, CHINES FOOD, just to name a few halarious bits that are the brain child of SHERMAN GOLDEN.

Sherman Golden performing Stand-up Comedy

A native of OHIO, Sherman has rocked audiences for the past several years while residing in Atlanta, Georgia. When this reporter asked Sherman to explain his approach on comedy, he was quick to answer. I think i have a left field approach to my comedy. I attempt to find the comedy in every day life. kids, animals, old people, wherever there’s life there’s comedy, and its my job to find the funny. Finding the funny has catapulted Sherman into the upper echelon of comedy. With an impressive list of credits(see box for credits) and innumerable references who can attest to “SHERMS” ability to tear the roof off the joint. SHERM, who also produces his own comedy talk show called: JUST KICKIN IT COMEDY” on PTV Channel 12 Is one of the top shows in the Atlanta area. And you can see SHERM in his first movie roll called “PLAYER IN THE PULPIT” So why settle for a maybe when you can have the sho-nuff… (GOLDEN CHILD) SHERMAN GOLDEN

Sherman has opened for Don D.C. Curry, Jamie Foxx, Patty Label, Frankie Beverly and Maze. At home, you can see him on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, Spike L:ee’s movie School Daze and hosting Chris Tucker’s Comedy Cafe.

Shaun Jones

This New Jersey native has been tantalizing the comedy world with his quick wit and universal style of comedy for over two decades. Shaun has traveled and entertained crowds internationally.

Shaun Jones

When Shaun Jones takes the stage, he mixes up his talents before the audience, bakes his show just right, and serves up a unique comedy dish that will satisfy your laughter appetite. 

​Shaun’s appearances on shows like BET’s ComicView, Starz 1st Amendment Standup, Robert Townsend’s Partners in Crime and  The Mo’Nique Show have solidified his name in the comedy world. He has also made appearances in feature films such as “Shade” starring Jamie Foxx and Sylvester Stallone. This is the funny guy you don’t want to miss.

Shawty Shawty

The original pioneer of crunk comedy, SHAWTY (what my name iz?) is like no other comedian you will ever witness. He is one of a kind and an unforgettable performer. Shawty has not only mastered the art of stand-up comedy, he has excelled in both film and television acting.


Look for Shawty on one of your favorite TV comedy shows like “SHOWTIME at the APOLLO” or BET’s “COMIC VIEW”. His improv skills are well remembered from Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out show.

He has also been a headliner on the Super comedy Jam tour, which is the longest running comedy tour through out the southeast region.

Shawty is not a stranger to the music industry. His cameo appearance on Ludacris’s album, Word of Mouf, has earned him platinum success.

Shawty Shawty

He has been showcased in numerous rap music videos with the CLIPSE “NEVER HEARD IT LIKE THIS”, produced by the Neptunes, which showcases the immense talent of this animated comedian, Atlanta Rapper BONECRUSHER’s #1 Billboard chart topping single “NEVA SCARED”, LIL’ JON & THE EASTSIDE BOYZ “GET LOW” & “I DON’T GIVE A…”, and FIELD MOB’S “ALL I KNOW”.

When not performing, Shawty is a regular on his twitter feed, posting daily about his life and various upcoming events. He currently has a following of over 119,000 fans across his various social media platforms. He is also a regular voice on the hot new hip hop broadcast Streetz 94.5, a brilliant up and coming new radio station based in Atlanta- Shawty chats about crazy news stories, and interacts with listeners on the daily.

SHAWTY – best known as the first comedian with rapper status!!!

Skip-G Lawson

Skip-G started out as Street Cast Journalist on “The Power Hour” TV Show on UPN. Originally from Queens, NY, but raised in South Carolina. Skip-G Lawson emerged on the comedy scene in 2000.

His wide array of talents has led him to be featured in two videos and a movie. “How We Roll” and “We Getting Money” which can be seen at and on YouTube.

Skip developed his MC/Hosting skills at Mr. B’s in Columbia SC. He was awarded “Host of the Year” in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 and first place at the “Salsa Cabana Comedy Club” in 2009.

Skip-G is actively involved in charity work with past and present Mayors in Columbia and is often tapped to by other local celebrities, law enforcement and broadcast personalities to speak for organizations.

Skip G Lawson

As the house MC at the Comedy House, I have worked with Nephew Tommy, Dl Hugley , Mike Epps, Faizon Love, Eddie Griffin, Kevin Hart, Lavelle Crawford, Damon Wayans, TP Hearn , George Wilborn, Don (D. C.) Curry, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon, Daryle (D’Millitant) Littleton, Lav Luv, Josh Blue, Black Kasper, Diane Corder, Janet Williams,  Tyler Craig, Faye Woodruff and a host of other acts.