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Hulk The Comedian

Hulk the comedian, comedy star on the rise, resides out of Pomaria, SC. His energetic street style of comedy, skits, and social media rants have caught the attention of millions across the country.

After being honorable discharged from the United States Army, he decided to pursue his dream of traveling around the country making people laugh at his witness.

Growing up he would always be the one to make people laugh and of course he was a self proclaimed class clown. His career path doesn’t surprise his family or peers and they suggest that he will be great at what he do.

Not long after attending open mic, he caught the attention of a comedic legend, Capone, known as the “Gangsta of Comedy,” Hulk joined Team Capone and began touring with him early 2020. Performing for the first time in front of a large crowd on New Years Eve at Levity Live West Nyack, New York.

Since then he has performed at many different comedy clubs and venues including the Symphony Space – New York, House of Laffs – Delaware, Chuckles – Memphis, Riddles – Chicago, and FunnyBones in VA Beach as well as Hartford.

Hamburger & Shucky Ducky

Hamburger Shucky-Ducky @ the Comedy House

Alonzo “Hamburger” Jones has become a people’s favorite all over the world.  Comedian Hamburger is on a mission to let people know they are not living right.  In doing so, Hamburger tries not to use profanity, like gentlemen of the old west who does not swear in front of the ladies.  Instead, comedian Alonzo Jones has substituted profanity with one word…..HAMBURGER.

Shucky DuckyQUACK – QUACK!!!!!
Cecil “Shucky Ducky” Armstrong has appeared on “Def Comedy Jam”. He has also been the ringmaster of the UniverSoul Circus. He is known for the catchphrase “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack.”

He describes his catchphrase as meaning disappointment or excitement.

Now let me tell y’all what “shucky ducky” is. “Shucky ducky” is this phrase that I created means disappointment or excitement. For example, instead of cursing when you stomp your toe, you say “shucky ducky”. Now if you see a fine girl or a guy you like, you say “awwwwww, shuck-ay duck-ay!” Now if you get the girl pregnant, you say “Damn!”, ’cause you done shuck your ducky too long.

Haha Davis

Haha-DavisHaha Davis also known as Mr. Big Fella is from Detroit Michigan. He began feeding his passion to be a comedian on the Internet in 2013 by creating funny Vine videos and Instagram clips that turned him into an almost overnight sensation. You might recognize some of his catch phrases such as “Ooh I’m Outta”, “What’s Goin’ Owwn”, “What’s your frustration”, and “Im Finna Daah”.

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In the time of becoming Haha Davis he had the opportunity to meet Snoop Dogg who became his mentor. In 2016 Haha worked on a Grammy nominated album with Chance the Rapper. He was featured on “No Problems”, “All Night”, and “Blessings” on the album Coloring Book. He was also selected to narrate the Magnificent Coloring World Tour as the character Carlos The Lion.

Check out his new “Big Fella” clothing taking off, with custom shirts, underwear, socks, stickers etc. Haha Davis will also be appearing in Meet The Blacks 2 this summer.


Huggy Lowdown

Huggy Lowdown

Huggy was the number one segment on the Tom Joyner morning show heard in over 115 markets across the country for many years. Giving the entertainment news and gossip for more than 8 million Tom Joyner listeners.

In 2000 Huggy Lowdown stepped on the scene of the Presidential way on the legendary Washington, D.C. radio station WPGC. While on WPGC for eight years Huggy joined forces with broadcasting icon Donnie Simpson on his number one an unforgettable presence, for his hilarious comical take on everyday life, Huggy personality. vibrant on-air personality paved the way for his successful stand-up, recognized across the nation as one of the top headliner comedians on the comedy circuit.

Selling out comedy shows across the nation, Huggy was quickly recognized by the cable network TV ONE and chosen to supply the comedy satire for TV ONEs live coverage of the Democratic Convention and Presidential Inauguration.

He believes comedy is what keeps the world moving and for him it’s what keeps him alive.

Henry Welch

H Welch1 (1)Comedian Henry Welch, considers himself the most feared man in comedy! His career began at the prestigious A.H. Packer High School and on to Alabama State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

When Henry started comedy, Bruce Ayers, owner of the Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham, AL. told him “if you can do clean comedy, it will send you anywhere” and the rest is history. Henry has traveled all over the world telling jokes on TV/Radio stations at colleges, churches and clubs.

Welch has just filmed the movie, Strip Off. He appeared in an OutKast music video and can be heard in hilarious skits featured on Idlewild and Speaker Boxxx.

He has been a part of BET’s Comic View, HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and Showtime’s The Big Black Comedy Show.

Now hailing from Atlanta, GA, Welch punctuates his jokes with unique phrases, “Y’all ain’t ready for me!” and “I’m booked!”

Hurricane Andrew

William Andrew Dandy a.k.a. Hurricane Andrew was born in Heidleberg, Germany and realized at a young age that he was destined to be a comedic entertainer. His passion for the stage began at the age of seven performing in school plays and later taking acting classes to enhance his skills. The mirror became his main outlet for perfecting jokes as he imagined performing in front of large sold out crowds as they laughed histerically. During his early years he performed playes and skits along with his cousins during family gatherings around the holidays for the elder family members. As many others, this was his first experience performing in front of a live audience.

Hurricane Andrew in Baby BoyFollowing in his father’s footsteps, Andrew enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 17 and served as a Legal Specialist. During his enlistment, Andrew’s desire and vision to make people laugh grew until he was faced to seek a local stage and destroy the crowd with laughter. He entered a local club’s Apollo talent competition and won 1st place. This only confirmed that comedy was his destined career path.

After his military career, Andrew aggressively persued comedy until he was recognized as one of the country’s hottest and up and coming comedians. Andrew acquired his stage name from a close friend from Miami, Florida, who made it through Hurricane Andrew in 1992. His friend was so impressed with Andrew,’s fast paced and forceful comedit style, that he began to yell out “Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Andrew in full effect!” and thus, Hurricane.