Sweet Baby Kita Cromer

Licita Cromer

Sweet Baby Kita Cromer
Featuring for JOHN MORGAN, Sweet Baby Kita Cromer

Hailing form Spartanburg SC, Licita Cromer know by her stage name “Sweet Baby Kita” is the first ever comedian to win at Apollo Theater. Steve Harvey personally told her she was going to make it!

Kita moved from her home town of Spartanburg to Atlanta GA where she’s been building her brand ever since. Working with Kevin Harts- Plastic Cup Boys and more.

Licita is a gifted comedic storyteller who worked in corporate America for many years, was constantly told daily, how funny she was and how she made others day more bearable with her jokes. After hearing she should be a comedian so often, she decided to start writing jokes for other comics, but they simply could not deliver her jokes with the same finesse and laughability. So she turned in her corporates badge, and decided to take a gigantic leap of faith, and do what she was born to do which is to entertain others with her comedy. She considers it an absolute blessing to live your dream daily, and have no regrets.

“Sweet Baby Kita” is very versatile, and although she desires stardom and a more popular platform to be featured on, she is very humble, and continues to perform, weekly at various venues Casinos, Churches, Family reunions and birthday celebrations. To add to her repertoire, she is also a Christian Comedian because as she states, “…even God agrees that laughter is the good for the soul”.

Winner Atlanta’s Hottest Female Comedian (2014-2015)

Winner of Atlanta’s Hottest Comedian (2015-2016)

Kevin Hart’s “Hart Of The City” Comedy Series on Comedy Central (2016).

Showtime At The Apollo with Steve Harvey on FOX TV.

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