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Luenell at the Comedy House

Luenell is a force of nature. This talented comedienne, actress and singer, was born in Tollette, Arkansas, a town whose population barely registers with the U.S. census. At the tender age of 10, she caught the acting bug after seeing the plays South Pacific and Ain’t S’posed to Die a Natural Death. She enrolled in theatre classes at the grade school level and continued to study through college and cut her teeth at the Oakland Ensemble Theatre.

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Leonard Ouzts

Leonard Ouzts, who hails from Chesapeake, VA, has enjoyed success with “Unprotected Sets” his on Epix comedy special offers a sarcastic off-the-cuff and versatile style of comedy that gives his audience non-stop entertainment. 

He has performed stand-up on CONAN, ADAM DEVINE’S HOUSE PARTY, and AXS’ GOTHAM COMEDY LIVE. He can also be seen in multiple episodes of TruTV’s COMEDY KNOCKOUT, MTV’s JOKING OFF, upcoming episodes of the MTV series WILD N OUT.

Leonard was selected as a NEW FACE at the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival and was most recently named by as a Top Ten Comic To Watch.

Lav Luv

Lav LuvShowtimes: 7 & 9 Tickets: $10

From his early start hosting high school talent shows, to his honorable stint in the United States Armed Forces, “LAV LUV” has always know that his destiny was on stage, making people laugh. LAV made his way to “open mic night” at Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner, and has been on a whirlwind roll with comedy ever since. He is now one of the four permanent hosts at Uptown Comedy Corner which has showcased for hosts Corey “ZOOMAN” Miller, Earthquake, Chris Tucker, and Don “DC” Curry. “He is one of the best dressed comedians tour right now…” comments radio personality Sexy Wanda Smith of the WVEE 103 FM (Atlanta) morning show. With his suave looks and debonair, no holds barred approach to the stage, LAV has become one of today’s hottest young comedy commodities. His performances on three (3) seasons of Black Entertainment Television’s “COMIC VIEW” still has viewers laughing.

“Lav is a constant professional”, comments Roosevelt Johnson promoter of the RJE Urban Comedy Cabaret Tour, “He is a mixture of Chris Rock and D. L. Hughley. If he was in California at Seven O’clock and we had a concert at Eight O’ clock in Atlanta, Lav would make the concert and would take over the crowd. Lav is one of the few comedians that I can say I have a beautiful personal and professional relationship with. We have never, ever had a problem with one another…”.

Lav is a true student of the art of professional stand up comedy and is a very diverse comedian with jokes dealing with socioeconomic/ politically correct issues to the ambiance of normal relationships and racially provoking thoughts. He consistently polishes his act and has expanded his talents to improvisation.

Lav LuvAppearances:

• TVONE Lav Luv’s Special “I Think I’m Gonna Get In Trouble!” – 2009

• TVONE Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes” – Season 3, 2008

• HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” – 1996 & 1997

• BET’s “Comic View” – 1997 – 2000

• UPN Networks’ “Arnell Star’s American Music Makers” – 1997

• WB Networks’ “Comic Escape” – 1997

• WINNER – COORS LITE Southeast Region Comedy Showcase – 1995

• WINNER – SCHILITZ MALT LIQUOR Comedy Competition – 1995

Lester Bibbs

Lester BibbsThe unusual mind of Lester Bibbs (MemphisRedd) has been cruising the 7 seas for the past year with Carnival Cruise Line as  their house headliner. He received standing ovations night after night with audiences from all around the world. Lester is a man whose wacky intellectual and crazy sense of humor is his unique brand of standup comedy.

Lester Bibbs was discovered by Steve Harvey at a comedy club in Memphis called Sir Laugh Alot. His hard work and dedication has given him the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious comedy clubs such as: The Improv, Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Funny Bones, The Punchline, StarDome and now the Comedy House in Columbia SC.

His first TV break ironically enough came from DL Hughley, which opened the doors for his success on BET’s Comic View. He appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. Bibbs was featured on HBOs Bad Boys of Comedy, BETs Comic View, and HBOs Def Comedy Jam.

Working side-by-side with some of the greatest comedians such as: Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Chris Tucker, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, Bernie Mac and DL Hughley has molded him in to being a verbal lethal weapon. He is known as the Tupac of Comedy determined to uplift and never accept being put down.


Lil Duval

Roland Powell, better known by his stage name Lil Duval aka Shortbread, is an American stand-up comedian.
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Lil DuvalCelebrities aren’t exactly pouring out of Jacksonville, Florida but that’s only made Roland Powell’s grind more ferocious. Proclaiming himself “Lil Duval” after the county from which he hails, he has literally put his home turf on his back as he touches every nook and cranny available with his special brand of humor.

Some comedians work at making people laugh. Others just do. Born with the gift to make people laugh, Lil Duval explains that, for him, “comedy was a natural thing. People always found me funny. It wasn’t that I was trying to be funny; they just found me funny.”

Participating in pep rallies in high school and other activities where all eyes were on him really kicked Lil Duval into high gear. The limelight just suited him and he wanted more. “I heard them screaming for me and I was like ‘oh yeah, this is what I need to be doing,’” he smiles. “I knew I would be in entertainment because I felt like an entertainer.”

Ultimately, he envisioned himself on the big screen and particularly admired the work of Chris Tucker. That’s how he got into comedy actually. “I saw Chris Tucker on Friday and I was like ‘that’s what I want to do.’ Then I saw him on Def Comedy Jam so I was like ‘oh that’s the way you do it. You become a stand-up comedian and you’ll be in the movies.’ That’s how it started to build.”

Not one to waste time, Lil Duval went right at it, taking to the stage of Atlanta’s legendary Uptown Comedy Corner. Pretty soon, he was a regular there as well as any other spots with a microphone and people ready to laugh. A hilarious 2001 performance at a contest in Oakland caught the attention of Cedric the Entertainer’s camp and Lil Duval was invited to hit the road with Cedric and four other comedians. That successful run on the road led to a featured spot on Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup, first televised and then released on DVD.

During the tour, Lil Duval developed his signature routine “Stalker’s Anthem (Bitch U Mine).” Set to Musiq Soulchild’s 2000 hit “Just Friends,” Lil Duval twists the original song, which preaches about taking it slow and making the girl comfortable, into a pressure-filled encounter at a club: “Girl I know this might sound strange/But let me know if I’m outta order, steppin to you this way/See I been buying you drinks for a while/And I’ll let you know . . . . Bitch U Mine!”

you are my girlfriendThe anthem received even more notoriety when Lil Duval began appearing on BET’s ComicView in 2004. For three seasons, Jacksonville, Florida’s number one class clown kept the ComicView audiences in stitches with this and other routines. A forever hustler, Lil Duval stayed on the road, slanging his brand of humor. Along the way, he also released two underground comedy DVDs: Dat Boy Funny (2003) and Put Your Hands on Me (2005). Additionally, he appeared in Three 6 Mafia’s Choices II: The Setup as well as hot videos like T.I.’s “Rubberband Man,” “24s,” “Whatever You Like” and Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin Down” and “Coffee Shop.”

Most recently, he’s added Twitter to his campaign and regularly dispenses his thoughts via @lilduval as raw and witty as only he can. So much so that he now has over 260,000 followers. It’s Lil Duval’s ability to ride the current and know what people want that keeps him winning. “I was always on the internet. It’s just like in the streets,” he explains. “When new dope comes out, if you want to stay popping in the streets, you go with the new dope. When people were still on MySpace, I was popular on MySpace. I had like a 100,000 friends. The new thing is Twitter.”

Embracing the new is indeed a part of Lil Duval’s make-up but he prides himself most on staying true to himself. “I stay in my own lane. I don’t do what anybody else is doing. I try to do what I’m doing. I like to be the one that’s being followed instead of following someone else. There’s no blueprint to this shit so I mean, when you follow somebody else’s blueprint, just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.”

Hip Hop Square- Lil DuvalThat sense of originality is one of the reasons Lil Duval attracted the attention of hip-hop’s reigning king early on. A fan since 2001, when Duval first started wrecking stages, T.I. didn’t hesitate later on to add Lil Duval to his label Grand Hustle’s comedy roster. “He’s someone who says what everyone else is thinking and scared to say,” shares T.I. “He talks about life’s most difficult and embarrassing moments. To take these things and find ways to make people laugh, especially when folks see fit to cry, is comedy at its finest.”

But Duval’s not done yet. “Everything that you can do and even more that hasn’t been done yet” is a serious goal for him. “Whatever it is the people want me to do, I’m going to do it. And, I’m going to be the best at it,” he promises, refusing to rest until he reaches the pinnacle of “comedy at its finest.”

Lil Duval’s is seen on MTV’s Guy Code, Ain’t That America and Hip Hop Squares.

Licita Cromer

Sweet Baby Kita Cromer
Featuring for JOHN MORGAN, Sweet Baby Kita Cromer

Hailing form Spartanburg SC, Licita Cromer know by her stage name “Sweet Baby Kita” is the first ever comedian to win at Apollo Theater. Steve Harvey personally told her she was going to make it!

Kita moved from her home town of Spartanburg to Atlanta GA where she’s been building her brand ever since. Working with Kevin Harts- Plastic Cup Boys and more.

Licita is a gifted comedic storyteller who worked in corporate America for many years, was constantly told daily, how funny she was and how she made others day more bearable with her jokes. After hearing she should be a comedian so often, she decided to start writing jokes for other comics, but they simply could not deliver her jokes with the same finesse and laughability. So she turned in her corporates badge, and decided to take a gigantic leap of faith, and do what she was born to do which is to entertain others with her comedy. She considers it an absolute blessing to live your dream daily, and have no regrets.

“Sweet Baby Kita” is very versatile, and although she desires stardom and a more popular platform to be featured on, she is very humble, and continues to perform, weekly at various venues Casinos, Churches, Family reunions and birthday celebrations. To add to her repertoire, she is also a Christian Comedian because as she states, “…even God agrees that laughter is the good for the soul”.

Winner Atlanta’s Hottest Female Comedian (2014-2015)

Winner of Atlanta’s Hottest Comedian (2015-2016)

Kevin Hart’s “Hart Of The City” Comedy Series on Comedy Central (2016).

Showtime At The Apollo with Steve Harvey on FOX TV.

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