Things You Need To Know



In Person: You may go into the showroom and pick-out your seats. We are the only venue of our size that affords their customers this service. There is an extra $1 added to the per ticket price to cover credit card present processing fee.

Charge by Phone – Call (803) 798-9898: You will be assigned the BEST AVAILABLE seats for the show you want. Our Box Office agents are not permitted to discuss seating availability over the phone. There is an extra $2 added to the per ticket price to cover credit card not present processing fee. Your tickets will be at the Box Office Will Call before showtime or you may pick them up sooner if you like.

On Our Website: Most of our shows are available online. You can pick your seats from our seating chart and choose a delivery method. There is a credit card verification and processing fee per ticket based on the ticket price. You may choose your DELIVERY METHOD to have your tickets waiting at WILL CALL for an additional charge or PRINT AT HOME at no additional charge.


Cash, American Express, Master Card, Discover and Visa credit/debit cards are accepted. We do not accept checks or money orders. There is an ATM inside the club.


When purchasing a ticket from the Comedy House you are not guaranteed a specific seat at the table. A ticket represents one of the seats at the table you purchased. If you must sit in a particular seat at a table, we recommend you come as soon as the showroom opens. It is first come – first seat choice at the table you purchased a ticket for.

A seating chart is provided when purchasing tickets. Please note that some seating are bar stools while others are regular seating. It is not guaranteed when can move you to the type of seating you like once you have purchased your tickets.


When you place your order by phone or choose WILL CALL as your delivery method online, stop by our BOX OFFICE any time prior to the event to take delivery. You will be required to show identification to pick up your tickets such as your SC approved picture ID and the credit card used to buy the ticket(s).

YOUR TICKET BISCUIT ACCOUNT LOGIN (Manage your Account Information on our ticketing system): Click Here


Any reservations, passes or comps not claimed at Will Call or redeemed for entrance by the designated show time are automatically expired and made available for the next customer in-line. If you have FREE tickets, you are not guaranteed a seat. Doors open early, come early. Late arrivals will be charged a Late Fee. Once the headliner goes on stage, no one else will be admitted without a full price ticket.

Always arrive at the Comedy House, 2768 Decker Blvd., Columbia, SC 29206; leaving yourself plenty of time to park and redeem your ticket(s) before showtime. The showroom is opened 60 minutes before the first show of the evening and asap for the second and third show.


All Ticket Sales Are Final.

No refunds or exchanges are permitted for a ticket at the Comedy House, UNLESS THE PERFORMER CANCELS THE SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE YOU PURCHASED A TICKET.

All comedians and performers are subject to change without notice. It doesn’t happen often, but entertainers may cancel for a variety of reasons. However, there will always be a show. Stay in touch with the these type of changes by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Should a *Special Engagement* performance be changed or canceled and you purchased a ticket, you will be contacted via the information given to us during the sale of the ticket. Be sure to give a working email address to receive your confirmation and any notifications related to your tickets. If you do not receive a Ticket Purchase Confirmation, check your SPAM folder and settings. You should ALLOW email from

All refunds will be provided as a credit to the same credit/debit card used when the ticket was bought. Passes have no cash value.

Be sure to always give us correct contact information to insure you receive your ticket or notification of a performance change or cancellation. Your refund may be delayed if we do not have the right contact information.

The Comedy House extends hospitality to patrons 18 years and older. State law requires Proof of Age and a minimum of 21 years old to drink.

Our facility is Wheelchair accessible. Lo-rise ramps accommodate our stage and 1st Level seating areas. The only seating areas not available is the 2nd Level seating. We offer a large uni-sex handicap accessible restroom with grip bars and insulated pipes.

Customers dress casual, informal and even semi-formal to see a show at the Comedy House. You may see festive attire such as tiara’s for a Girls Night Out and even Family T-shirts announcing the Reunion or Graduation. No backpacks or over sized purses allowed in the Showroom.

The main showroom opens 60 minutes before the first show time each night! If you are attending a second or third show for the evening you will be able to wait in our seated lobby. The Showroom will open approx. ten minutes after the show in progress ends.

If you are planning to have dinner with us, please arrive at least 30 – 60 minutes before showtime. We prepare food to order and want you dinner to be perfect. We play old school R&B/Soul at a low volume before the show. You will also get to see previews of upcoming shows.

Our kitchen stops serving food when the Headliner or Main act takes the stage.

Most parties arriving 15 minutes before the show WILL WAIT IN-LINE. If we are busy, you may not be able to be seated for the show. You must arrive BEFORE show time to claim a WILL CALL ticket.

Most of our shows last 90 – 120 minutes. On rare occasions a show may last 2.5 hours.

Please note that there is a two (2) item minimum food and/or beverage purchase required per person with admission to ANY show at the Comedy House. 2 items must be ordered before the Headliner goes on stage.

If you choose not to purchase two items, you will be required to leave the showroom before the Headliner performs. (No refund will be offered when not purchasing two items.) We offer a variety of food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are not hungry and do not drink alcohol or sodas, we have bottled water that you can carry out with you.

Customers may not bring food or drink of any kind into the Comedy House. If caught with an outside food or beverage, you will be charged the equivalent cost for the item from our menu.

Laugh passes, text alerts, coupons, birthday passes, business card promotions, charity tickets, etc…, may not be redeemed for SPECIAL ENGAGEMENTS or SPECIAL EVENTS. No exceptions. A free ticket is good for ONE admission. Your guest(s) will be charged admission.


15% Gratuity is not an option and is added to all food and beverage purchases. NO refunds or exchanges on alcohol served to your table. Be sure you are ordering the alcoholic drink you want. Richland County Sales Tax on Food and Beverage purchases at the Comedy House is 10 %. This means your purchase off the menu will be 25% more than the cost of the items you have chosen off our menu.

Heckling or shouting out at a performer or another customer is not tolerated. Loud conversations, cell phone calls, visiting other tables or wandering around the showroom during the show is not permitted. The Comedy House is not a “nightclub.” Think of us more like a showroom in Las Vegas. A warning is issued and a second infringement will cause you to be asked to leave without refund.

Please consider your cell phone settings before the show starts. Turn your devices off or set cell phones to vibrate while the show is in progress. Please be considerate of other customers and exit the showroom to talk and text.


NO live streaming permitted in the showroom at ANY TIME!

Taking flash pictures or hidden video recording of any performance is NOT PERMITTED. If discovered you will be required to stop and erase the copyright infringement.  Many artist and comedians meet with their fans after the show for autographs and pictures.

Flash pictures can cause a server to drop food and drink trays. You could be help responsible for replacement costs and damages. Flash pictures also can confuse the Comedian into thinking his/her time is up and will end their show early.

Please understand that comedy is a celebrated and respected form of free speech. At the Comedy House, you might hear a topic or language that you are not accustom to hearing. The Comedy House does not endorse any of the views of, or statements made by, our performers. If you are concerned about what you might hear, just ask our Box Office staff. We have ratings for our performers and we will do our best to tell you what to expect. Most shows are R rated with topics like religion, sex, politics, etc…. We do offer G and PG rated shows for corporate events and private affairs.

If you are unhappy with your service or our food and beverages, please ask for the Manager or stop by the Box Office after the show. We will make our best effort to make you happy. We welcome your suggestions on our Comment Cards available at your table or submitting a Comment Email here on the website.