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Ashima Franklin

Ashima Franklin

Ashima Franklin did stand-up comedy while pregnant, up until the night before her infant son’s birth, and started styling herself “The O.B.: Original Baby Momma.”

Frequently Franklin, nicknamed “Skinni Fyne,” takes the stage persona of a vengeful, inescapable Baby Momma who makes her Baby Daddy’s life a living hell, like a folk hero for unmarried mothers. In real life, Franklin says she has good relations with comic Karlous Miller, with whom she has a young son, and they even write Baby Momma jokes together.

An uninhibited dynamo willing to ask her audience any question, no matter how personal, Franklin caught a big break last fall and is currently opening for Katt Williams on the popular comic’s tour. You can see her in Williams’ DVD Kattpacalypse and the movie Slice: The Horrocomedy,