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Sherman Golden

Atlanta is a hot city. Inside the comedy club the temperature is getting HOTTER as the audience laughs louder and louder in response to Sherman on stage. Every time he opens his mouth, the crowd nervously giggles anticipating the next joke that will come out of his mouth. By the time his finished the crowd is shouting “SHERM” in appreciation.

SHERM happens to be the nickname of sherman golden. Who happens to be one of the most respected comedians out today. If you haven’t seen SHERMAN GOLDEN you haven’t experienced COLLEGE LIFE, MY WHITE FRIENDS, CHINES FOOD, just to name a few halarious bits that are the brain child of SHERMAN GOLDEN.

Sherman Golden performing Stand-up Comedy

A native of OHIO, Sherman has rocked audiences for the past several years while residing in Atlanta, Georgia. When this reporter asked Sherman to explain his approach on comedy, he was quick to answer. I think i have a left field approach to my comedy. I attempt to find the comedy in every day life. kids, animals, old people, wherever there’s life there’s comedy, and its my job to find the funny. Finding the funny has catapulted Sherman into the upper echelon of comedy. With an impressive list of credits(see box for credits) and innumerable references who can attest to “SHERMS” ability to tear the roof off the joint. SHERM, who also produces his own comedy talk show called: JUST KICKIN IT COMEDY” on PTV Channel 12 Is one of the top shows in the Atlanta area. And you can see SHERM in his first movie roll called “PLAYER IN THE PULPIT” So why settle for a maybe when you can have the sho-nuff… (GOLDEN CHILD) SHERMAN GOLDEN

Sherman has opened for Don D.C. Curry, Jamie Foxx, Patty Label, Frankie Beverly and Maze. At home, you can see him on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, Spike L:ee’s movie School Daze and hosting Chris Tucker’s Comedy Cafe.