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Ambrose Jones

A laconic, self deprecating comedian, Ambrose Jones embarked his comedy career in Memphis, TN. turning his southern humor and unique point of view into a brand.

Ambrose Jones

July 22, 2015 he showcased his talent on NBC for Last Comic Standing. Kennan Ivory Wayans said he is like a breath of fresh air and reminds him of a country Chris Rock. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted (you killed it on LCS). Jones made it past the invitational round to the Semi-finals.
During the 2nd audition of LCS at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, he was approached by the owner of the club and ask to film a show called Gotham Live which is a tv show filmed lived at the club and aired on Axs Tv earlier this year.

Ambrose Jones at the Comedy House

Since then Comedian Ambrose Jones remains on the road spreading laughter which is the best medicine because there has never been a recall on it.