Preston Barnes aka Bo P

Preston Barnes aka Bo P

Preston Barnes aka Bo PPreston Barnes, aka Bo P is a stand-up comedian, producer and entrepreneur from Mississippi. Bo P has been in entertainment industry for over 20 years and touched lives all around the world.

Performing regularly in comedy clubs and theaters across the country and overseas. He has hosted major musical events such as ‘Budweiser Best of the West Talent Competition, Magic Johnson, Miller Lite, and Vibe Tour” and “The “Hip-Hop Fest” in association with the Jacksonville Jaguars Football Association.

In 2007, Bo has performed with acts such as Frankie Beverly and Maze, The Temptations, Bo has been welcomed by The Pepsi Corp., Dunkins Donuts, Pizza Hut, Yum Yum, and A&W.

Preston Barnes aka Comedian “Bo P” is an actor, known for being in the movies; Nikos the Impaler (2003), For da Love of Money (2002) and Chez Risqué (2001) and his appearances on TV series Sister Sister (1998) and Martin (1997)!

Preston Barnes Credits

Bo, a victim of Hurricane Katrina, recently gained recognition for his documentary on Katrina called “Katrina Ground Zero,” a Finalist in the 2006 “African American Cinema Film Festival.” He also received the notable mention of “Extraordinary” from Harvard Medical School.

Here is Bo P “On the Road with RODNEY PERRY