Preacher Man

PreachermanAs an upcoming Comedian from the South, PREACHERMAN gives a new edge to comedy. A native of College Park, Georgia, PREACHERMAN brings a different style of comedy to the stage. PREACHERMAN is from a religious family which is how he got his stage name.

PREACHERMAN brings to the stage an off-beat satire about personal experiences of day to day living, which he calls, “comedy of life.” PREACHERMAN’s comedy style is so veritable that he appeals to many different groups. PREACHERMAN is so funny, he relates to all age groups. PREACHERMAN adjusts his style to fit the atmosphere. He relates to Christian audiences, College Students, the boys on the corner, Senior Citizens, and Parents.

In 1990 PREACHERMAN hit the stage with appearances in comedy clubs, night clubs, sports bars, and city auditoriums. From here PREACHERMAN received exposure to well- known comedians with whom he shared the stage. After about three years, PREACHERMAN gained recognition among his peers and the comedy culture in the metro Atlanta area.

Some of PREACHERMAN’s most notable performances are BET’s Comic View, Loves Holiday Christmas Special, Atlanta’s own Mayor Shirley Franklin’s 1st Annual Senior Ball, Host of Bronner Brothers International Comedy Show and weekly appearances on 104.1’s Joke of the Week with Rojene Bailey.

Being a former school teacher with Clark Atlanta University Head Start and motivation from well-known Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby shaped PREACHERMAN’s path tremendously. Besides Bill Cosby, both Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor were motivational to PREACHERMAN.

Over the years PREACHERMAN has traveled throughout the United States; whether on Greyhound, catching rides with fellow comedy friends, and often by plane. PREACHERMAN exclaims, “If I had the chance to do it all again, I would have done it for free, but thanks to God someone paid me to do it!”

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