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Carmen Barton

Carmen BartonCarmen Barton is one of the hottest new female comics to hit the stage!

She was born to entertain. Her versatility and unique perspective on motherhood are proof. Armed with the ability to find humor in the challenges of life, Carmen will take some of her most painful and embarrassing situations and find a way to make you laugh about it. Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, Carmen had always entertained her friends, family, and co-workers.

This single mother of three is now a professional, her career path is set, as she travels the world with only one mission: Making people laugh. Carmen made her television debut on Starz Networks Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up. She can now be seen on Nickelodeons hit comedy series NickMom Night Out and Bounce TVs Off The Chain, She tours clubs colleges and military bases across the country and recently toured Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan to entertain troops.

This phenomenal new performer is blessed with beauty and wit. Her act is fresh, timely, up to date and blasting with flair. Carmen is on her way; her unique act is a definite crowd pleaser for all audiences. Her exciting performances will definitely leave you waiting for her next show.

Mack Bootsy

Ferris Barber @ Comedy Show 2Creative Loafing magazine has dubbed him the Drum Major of Comedy! Mack Bootsy fires up any room where he performs.

Bet Comic View
» 1998- Los Angeles, CA- The Normandy Casino
» 1999- Atlanta, GA- Atrium
» 2000- Atlanta, GA- Center Stage
» 2001- New Orleans, LA- The Orpheum Theatre
» 2002- Miami, FL- Jackie Gleason Theatre

» Duke University, Durham, NC » Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
» Morris Brown, Atlanta, GA » Clark College, Atlanta, GA
» Jacksonville State, Jacksonville, AL » Ft. V.S. University, Fort Valley, GA
» U.T. Martin, TN
»South GA Technical College, Americus, GA » West Georgia University, Carrolton, GA

Movies & Television Military Bases
» Momma Flora’s Family- CBS » Ft. Campbell
» Comic X-Scape- WB 36 Atlanta, GA » Ft. Stewart
» American Rap Makers- UPN 69 Atlanta, GA » Ft. Hood
» “Get Down On It” the movie, Atlanta, GA
» “Mo Music” the pilot, Atlanta, GA

Preston Barnes aka Bo P

Preston Barnes aka Bo PPreston Barnes, aka Bo P is a stand-up comedian, producer and entrepreneur from Mississippi. Bo P has been in entertainment industry for over 20 years and touched lives all around the world.

Performing regularly in comedy clubs and theaters across the country and overseas. He has hosted major musical events such as ‘Budweiser Best of the West Talent Competition, Magic Johnson, Miller Lite, and Vibe Tour” and “The “Hip-Hop Fest” in association with the Jacksonville Jaguars Football Association.

In 2007, Bo has performed with acts such as Frankie Beverly and Maze, The Temptations, Bo has been welcomed by The Pepsi Corp., Dunkins Donuts, Pizza Hut, Yum Yum, and A&W.

Preston Barnes aka Comedian “Bo P” is an actor, known for being in the movies; Nikos the Impaler (2003), For da Love of Money (2002) and Chez Risqué (2001) and his appearances on TV series Sister Sister (1998) and Martin (1997)!

Preston Barnes Credits

Bo, a victim of Hurricane Katrina, recently gained recognition for his documentary on Katrina called “Katrina Ground Zero,” a Finalist in the 2006 “African American Cinema Film Festival.” He also received the notable mention of “Extraordinary” from Harvard Medical School.

Here is Bo P “On the Road with RODNEY PERRY

Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges

Actor/Comedian Todd Anthony Bridges was born in San Francisco, California, on May 27, 1965. Todd Bridges grew up in a Hollywood family; his parents, James and Betty, were both actors, as were his older siblings Jimmy and Verda. His parents, finding little success as performers, found more stable work as agents and acting coaches. The Bridges’ clients included their own children, and by the time Todd was 4 they had already begun managing his career. That year he got his first modeling job, posing for a magazine ad. When he was 9, Todd made his acting debut in a Jell-O commercial with his family. The gig resulted in more acting work for Bridges, including a 1975 appearance on the TV show Barney Miller and a role in the made-for-television movie, Katherine (1975).

In 1977, Todd appeared in the critically acclaimed mini-series Roots, as well as the popular TV dramas Little House on the Prairie, Love Boat and The Waltons. Around that same time, thanks to his earlier appearance on Barney Miller, Bridges secured a role on the Barney Miller spin-off, Fish. In his first co-starring role, the 10-year-old played a streetwise jokester named Loomis. While Fish was canceled after only one season, Bridges’ performance caught the attention of producer Norman Lear. At the age of 12, Bridges finally got his big break: a starring role on an ensemble comedy show called Diff’rent Strokes. The role would change Bridges’ life.

Killing Willis

In 1998 Todd turned to Christianity for help with his problems. Around this time, he founded the Todd Bridges Youth Foundation, a nonprofit youth center in Los Angeles that provides sports, computer training, and acting courses for inner-city children. He also met future wife, Dori Smith, whom he married on May 25, 1998. The couple welcomed a son, Spencir, in July 1998. Several years later, in April 2001, Bridges made headlines yet again—this time, for helping to save a paraplegic woman from drowning. The actor, who was on a fishing trip with family at Lake Balboa Park in Los Angeles, saw the woman get her fishing line tangled up in her wheelchair controls. As the woman lurched face-down in the lake, Bridges leapt to action, pulling her out of the chair and lifting her from the water.

Bridges also saw a resurgence in his acting career. He made appearances on multiple reality shows including Celebrity Boxing (2002) and Fear Factor (2006). He also had a recurring role on the Chris Rock sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, which aired from 2005 until 2009. In 2010, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey to promote his new book, Killing Willis, which discussed his acting career, drug addiction and trouble with the law.

Lil Brough

Lil BroughRegular Comedy Show

Tickets: $10 Weekdays, $15 Weekends

Lil Brough will FEATURE for Big Rome.

For over 15 years, Lil Brough has been honing his gift of side-splitting humor. A self-proclaimed philosopher, this comedic powerhouse’s unique interpretations of everyday life have left audiences from Alaska to Saudi Arabia in stitches.

Winner of Houston’s Funniest Person Contest in 2005 and voted Best Comedian in Houston by The Houston Press in 2007, Lil Brough is known to wax comic on subjects from pet ownership to politics, his up-front style forcing you to laugh as he puts his spin on issues that everyone can relate to. As hilarious as he is on stage and on television,

Lil Brough is not limited to stand-up and has demonstrated his acting chops playing both comedic roles and serious roles in films such as Bob: The Urban Legend of Comedy and Rent-A-Car, respectively. Lil Brough is an actor and comedian that has been seen on Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza, Jamie Foxx Presents: America’s Funniest Comics, BET Comic View, and Comedy Central!

Big Rome & Lil Brough