Barbara Carlyle

Barbara-CarlyleBarbara has been doing comedy for 40 years! The celebration begins at the Comedy House as she kicks of her “40 Years and a Stool Tour! Her comedic skills are so carefully honed that she leaves audiences in stitches wherever she goes. But comedy hasn’t always been her only contribution to society. Carlyle did a short stint in the Marine Corps (cause she was looking for a few good men) and tried her hand at teaching for a short while.

Barbara Carlyle Comedy From the PorchBarbara has appeared on Apollo Comedy Hour, Def Jam, Comic View, Comic Xscape, just to name a few. A stickler for detail, she can speed read an audience and know exactly where to take her jokes. Hecklers think twice about testing her skills cause this young lady takes no prisoners and die hard wannabes fall prey to her vicious tongue. Carlyle has performed in Germany, The Netherlands, England, the Virgin Islands (trying to be a born again virgin) and other exotic places. Carlyle has one daughter and several baby daddies. You do the math. Her aim in life is to leave an indelible mark in the world of comedy.


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