B. Simone | March 14

B. Simone is a singer, actress and dancer who has appeared in more than a dozen music videos and released her debut EP, Lost Soul, in 2014.

Later that year, she was cast to play Aaliyah in a film about the late singer’s life.

B.Simone, Looking For A Boyfriend Tour, featuring Just Nesh.

One Night Only, Thursday March 14 8pm, Doors open at 7pm

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She grew up in Dallas, Texas and auditioned for BET’s “The Search” contest in 2012. She has an Instagram account and beauty vlog channel on YouTube called BeautyByBSimone. B-Simone is one of the main performers on Nick Cannons Wild N Out (2005).

B. Simone is also known for #DigitalLivesMatter (2016) and from her appearance in Meat: Horror (2018).

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