Open Mic

Free Admission

OPEN MIC is coming back April 22nd, 2018 in the Comedy House Cafe.

“Good Jokes Get Laughs” Open Mic
Showtime: 4:30pm.
Admission is FREE.

The Comedy House is looking for all original funny acts to perform with our regional and national touring comedians.
We want to hear your jokes and see your stage presence. This is your chance to audition for The Comedy House!
For the best results, you should bring your fans, family, friends and neighbors!

Open Mic at the Comedy House

  • This show is for amateur comedians as well as local and regional professionals who want to work ORIGINAL material.
  • G, PG and PG-18 rated material only. Excessive cursing and vulgar language is not appropriate for this show. Don’t sign-up if all you have is R rated and/or stock material.
  • No free styling! You will be required to turn in a set list of the jokes you are going to tell.
  • Producers will determine the order of appearance.
  • You will be required to end your set when you see the light! You might get 1 minute, you might get 10. (Hint: Start your set with broad appeal material and don’t curse.)
  • Please dress appropriately (no armpits, thighs or underwear visible).
  • No music may be used for your set due to music copyright infringement on social media sites.
  • If you are “not in your right mind” as determined by the producers, you will not be allowed to perform.
  • Heckling or disrupting other performers WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Arrive for sign-up between 3:45pm – 4:15pm. No late arrivals will be allowed to perform.  No calls to sign-up or to make an excuse why you will be late. No exceptions. No kidding!

Comedy House You Tube Channel are looking for all original funny acts
that can conduct themselves professionally at all times while in the venue.
Your performance for “Good Jokes Get Laughs” Open Mic will be streamed
LIVE on the Comedy House social media platforms.

Two item minimum not required in the Comedy House Cafe. Food and beverage will be available via vending machines. Stay up-to-date on Open Mic at the Comedy House, please TEXT the word OPENMIC to 41411. or sign up here.