Open Mic Night

Currently OPEN MIC Night has been suspended for a short time period. If you are interested in performing Open Mic, please TEXT the word OPENMIC to 41411. As soon as we have a date set we will notify you! Msg & data rates may apply. Your phone# will never be sold. Reply STOP to opt-out at any time. Reply HELP for help.

We have Open Mic on Wednesday nights at the beginning of a regular comedy show! We are looking for beginners with original comedy. You should dress better than the audience in front of you. You will be a performer on open mic night.

Three (3) Open mic participants are allowed to do 3-5 minutes of clean (no cursing or street slang), original material. In other words you may not tell jokes you heard or read from somewhere else.

Open Mic’rs are encouraged to bring guests for your performance. Your guest may see the entire show for 50% off the ticket price, typically $5. The club notices Open Mic’rs that promote their appearance and brings their fans out to the show. Bring 10 or more friends that pay $5 and you will automatically be re-scheduled for next month!

Please take these rules seriously. We do not play with open mic performers. Be professional.

Open Mic Rules
>Open mic is for amateur comedians only.
>We reserve the right to deny you going on stage because of inappropriate dress, props or if you appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.
>If you use profanity, your mic will be cut off, your set is over and you are not eligible for open mic for three months.
>You must check in with the DJ at least 15 minutes before showtime to perform that night. No exceptions!
>Open mic’rs may not play music for entrance/exit or use sound cues.
>You may not hand out or sell promotional material to the audience or other performers.
>Sit Down at your table with your guests after your performance. Your guests are required to purchase two items of our menu.
>You may not hang out backstage, the parking lot and especially in the Green Rooms.
>You may not take any beverage on stage.
>You will be suspended for if you are under the influence of any substance that causes you to embarass the Comedy House or our customers while you are on or off stage.
>If you disrespect any member of our staff, you will be prohibited from appearing on our stage ever again.