Open Mic Night

We have Open Mic on Wednesday nights at the beginning of a regular comedy show! We are looking for beginners with original comedy. You should dress better than the audience in front of you. You will be a performer on open mic night.

Three (3) Open mic participants are allowed to do 3-5 minutes of clean (no cursing or street slang), original material. In other words you may not tell jokes you heard or read from somewhere else.

You must call (803) 798-9898 at 10:00AM the last Monday of each month to sign up for the following month. No walk ups ever! There are slots open for three participants and they are assigned on a first call first booked basis.

Open Mic’rs are encouraged to bring guests for your performance. Your guest may see the entire show for 50% off the ticket price, typically $5. The club notices Open Mic’rs that promote their appearance and brings their fans out to the show. Bring 10 or more friends that pay $5 and you will automatically be re-scheduled for next month!

Please take these rules seriously. We do not play with open mic performers. Be professional.

Open Mic Rules
>Open mic is for amateur comedians only.
>We reserve the right to deny you going on stage because of inappropriate dress, props or if you appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.
>If you use profanity, your mic will be cut off, your set is over and you are not eligible for open mic for three months.
>You must check in with the DJ at least 15 minutes before showtime to perform that night. No exceptions!
>Open mic’rs may not play music for entrance/exit or use sound cues.
>You may not hand out or sell promotional material to the audience or other performers.
>The Comedy House is not a nightclub. Get a table and enjoy the show or leave after your performance. If you stay, you must buy two items off the menu.
>Stay out of the Wait Station and Green Rooms.
>You may not take any beverage on stage.
>You will be suspended for six months if you are drunk or high on stage.
>If you disrespect our customers or staff, you will be prohibited from appearing on our stage ever again.