Nikita B

Nikita BNikita is an up and coming comedian that travels abroad entertaining crowds using many of her personal life experiences and talking about things the average person may be too embarrassed to talk about. She uses her uniqueness and ability to relate to her church background in her sets to capture audiences in various venues.

Since her start in comedy Nikita has opened up at Oven’s Auditorium in Charlotte, NC for the Family 1 Comedy Tour featuring Marcus D. Wiley, Small Fire, Griff and Woody. She has also opened for legendary Chris Thomas. She has been all over both North and South Carolina in various rooms and venues with Comedian Greats such as Nick Lewis, DS Sanders, Tone X, Chris “Funny Man” Robinson, Fly Ty, Double D, Queen Aisha and Vanessa Fraction to name a few, and continues to bring laughter in various venues all over.

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