Kiana Dancie

Kiana DancieKiana Dancie is a talented American comedienne, radio personality and actress. Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Atlanta, Ms. Dancie, has shared the stage with the Oscar winning comedic actress Monique, Arnez J, Bruce Bruce, Sheryl Underwood, Katt Williams and many, many more.

In 2008, she was featured on the hit TV ONE show “Who’s Got Jokes?” with Bill Bellamy, and she most recently recorded a reality show with Wayans Girl Productions in Atlanta, GA. In 2011, she delivered an amazing performance in the feature film, The Magic City, directed by R. Malcolm Jones, which is scheduled to hit theaters in Fall 2012. Her natural stage presence is evident during her performances and audiences welcome her no-nonsense routines time and time again. Kiana is a funny, stylish big-hearted person with many accomplishments.

In 2001, she obtained her B.A. degree in Marketing from Georgia Southern University. Kiana has always been the life of the party and has plenty of dramatic stories to share about her colorful life experiences. While assisting her single mom with raising her little brother, she hasn’t allowed anything to get in her way. A graduate of the John Casablanca finishing school, she possesses the confidence and poise needed to be successful in the entertainment industry. Her assertive attitude and undying drive have been key components to her success as an entertainer.

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