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George WillbornSince his first appearance on stage in 1987, George Willborn has brought laughter to the masses with his “no holds barred” approach to telling the truth about what’s funny. Dubbed comedy’s “Stress Reliever”, George has marveled a crowd with his comedy around the world, on stage, on television and of course on radio. He is currently the co-host of the Nationally Syndicated “Michael Baisden Show” as well as the co-host of “Michael Baisden After Dark”.

Birthplace: Chicago, IL (Westside)
Grew Up In: Chicago, IL (Raised on the Southside)
Marital Status: Married – Happily
Favorite City: Chicago, Washington DC, and Miami (South Beach)
Favorite Way To Relax: Golfing, Chillin’ with my family
Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Novel: Catcher in the Rye; Gods Gift to Women
Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bulls
Motto: Shoot for the moon…If you land on the stars, keep jumping
Ten All Time Favorite Songs: “Cash in Your Face” by Stevie Wonder; “Save the Children” by Marvin Gaye; “Boheim Raphsody” ; “I Can’t Go For That” by Hall & Oats; “I Want A New Drug” by Huey Lewis; “Dancing Queen” by Abba…There are so many more, the list can go on for years!
Favorite Song Last Year: The Ocean by KJon
Favorite Song Last 10 Years: “Cash in Your Face” by Stevie Wonder
Best Concert Ever Attended: Prince and the Revolution
How Long In Radio: 15 years
Favorite Vacation Spot: Jamaica
Favorite Interview: This One (You are only as good as your last interview).
Biggest Regret: All things happen in divine order, so, one’s regret may end up being their biggest triumph.
Best Advice: Be honest
I Dislike: Racists, Liars, and Strawberries
Something I Would Never Do Again: There are a Few things I wouldn’t do again
Six People From History To Have At A Dinner Party: Richard Pryor, Malcolm X, Richard Nixon, Bob Hope, Martin Luther King Jr., and Redd Foxx
Favorite DC Restaurant: Ruth’s Chris
Favorite DC Monument: The White House
Most Romantic Spot in DC: I don’t know
Biggest Pet Peeve About DC: The traffic circles …What genius came up with that?
Favorite Junk Food: Cupcakes, ding-dongs, snack cakes
Favorite Cocktail: I don’t drink…Easy living
One Word That Best Describes You: Consistent
Favorite Season In DC: Summertime
If Not Yourself Who Would You Be: Bill Gates, but a lot cooler.
Your Heroes In Real Life: My wife, my children

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