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JaQuin Allen aka Kue

JaQuin Allen aka Kue Kue is a nickname for JaQuin Allen. Kue began his Stand-up comedy career at the Comedy House doing Open Mic. He quickly elevated to Opener and Host because of his on-stage charm and original material. The video above is Kue’s first time on-stage! Kue and his wife. Larialmy, auditioned and were...
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Kyle Erby

Kyle Erby Kyle Erby is an up and coming American comedian and host of Kyle Erby Male Rights Activist. He started in show business as an intern at “The Tonight Show.” After being told by Jay Leno that he should try stand-up, Kyle left the Tonight Show to pursue his own career. Since leaving the show, Kyle has...
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Karen Addison

Karen Addison Karen Addison first performed at the Comedy House with Corey Holcomb in 2010. She has traveled across the Country for several years as a Stand-up Comedian performing on shows including Star Search (three time winner), A&E Evening at the Improv. BET’s Comic View, HBO Def Comedy Jam, MTV Comedy...
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Kleon Da Comedian

Kleon Da Comedian Follow Kleon Da Comedian on Twitter Kleon is new to the comedy business and still thinks comedy is...
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Keedar Whittle

Keedar Whittle How many people do you know have made a career change in life and have had much success after doing so? Well, introducing, Keedar Whittle. Not only is he on BET’s #1 hit show Hell Date, he is also the creator and host of the Funny as Hell Comedy Tour that is making its way across the country starring...
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