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Double D

Double D Degario “Double D” Turner is by far one of the most fun loving comedians out on the circuit today. HIs comedic style is his personality, mostly real life situations that he converts into eye tearing jokes. His dialog is light-hearted and refreshingly hilarious, which adds to a perfect blend of...
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Corwin O aka C-Dawg

Corwin O aka C-Dawg Corwin O., or to his friends and fans “C-Dawg” is a fresh new face on the comedy circuit. Corwin O.’s silly, care-free style of comedy is an as fun to watch as it is to hear. He draws you into his hilarious comedy world with his likeable, animated story telling and his flair for free-style...
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Smokey Deese

Smokey Deese Smokey Deese realized early in life that comedy was his calling and relished in the freedom of expression this art form brought. With an awe-inspiring dedication, he IS one of comedies rising stars. He puts exhaustive thought and practice in writing his material, analyzing his craft visually and mentally...
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Odis O Dog

Odis O Dog Odis O Dog was born in Columbus, Ga. He was a finalists for Late Nite Laff Off on the WB. He appeared on three seasons of BET Comic View and has starred in an independent...
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